My First Time Visiting a Chiropractor

Why Pay a Visit to the Chiropractor?

If you know your body well enough, then you can tell when something is not right. The pain that I had initially ignored, thinking it was nothing, was beginning to concern me. I needed relief, so I sought the help of a Chiropractor in Tamarac. Before I go any further about my experience, I should tell you, don’t be like me – keeping it off, find help immediately. A healthy spine is a big component of being healthy.

Imagine that unexciting ache in your lower back – perhaps due to a prior injury or accident or some other cause it can easily render you unable to focus on your business or work – and that’s why I took mine to a trained Chiropractor in Tamarac – to get fixed.

The Appointment

Back to Mind were quick to schedule my appointment, which was cool. I must be honest here and say that I was not particularly excited because, in the course of trying to fish for information from friends, I had heard that it could be very painful. As if sensing my uneasiness, this doctor came through the door with jokes. Laughter is good medicine. It is no wonder I relaxed right away.

Set Your AppointmentFirst of all, as is with any initial visit to a doctor, I was required to complete forms with my personal details and medical background. This paved the way for several essential tests that would reveal the way my body worked. This assessment comprised of exercises like bending over to touch my toes, movement of limbs and body parts in opposition to applied force, balancing on one foot, and so on. Now this was interesting, seeing as avid shoppers like I am, are able to move around quite well. To say the least, I passed!

These muscle tests were followed by the doctor taking a couple of front and side x-rays of my backbone. He confirmed that I am in overall good shape (which is nice to hear). However, the x-rays showed that my lower back muscles were tense plus some spinal bones needed repositioning; this explained the back pain I was experiencing. Did I get that from moving furniture in my new place? Maybe.

What was exciting was that their chiropractic services could alleviate my pain! A massage therapy would treat the tense muscles while manual manipulation of my spinal bones would correct the positioning and alignment of my vertebral bones.

The Aligning

The AligningSince my pain was muscle related, they used EMS (Electrical Muscle Stimulation) on me. This Interferential Therapy delivers currents to deep tissues and is great for tight, sore or spastic muscles. I was informed that this treatment is also employed for the prevention or reduction of muscle atrophy, by promoting muscle strength, range of motion, and blood flow to the muscles.

I was in an extremely relaxed state as this info was being dished out. The massage was awesome! I was surprised that after removing the ‘gadgets’, he manually adjusted my back, popping it back into shape! Twice on either side, twice in my neck and both legs. All I needed to get fixed were eight adjustments. Did it hurt? No, not with my Back to Mind Chiropractor in Tamarac. The sound heard from my bones was a little perplexing, though – and if you were in the room you’d expect me to wince, but it was all painless. Zero pain in any doctor’s hands is always a pleasant experience for me.

The Advice

After the alignments, I felt excellent and inquired about what his advice would be for one to ensure that their spine remains healthy and well protected. This is what he suggested:Advice from My Tamarac Chiropractor

  1. Avoid sitting for very long hours. Moving or walking around every half-hour to hourly helps prevent disc compression.
  2. Go for half hour walks every day.
  3. Engage in exercises that promote core muscle strengthening.

By and large, this is what I already do, but obviously, there’s need to increase and be disciplined about it.

Interestingly, it took me a visit to the chiropractor to hear this: “You only get one body and one spine; neither functions well without the other – take great care of both.”

So be sure to take breaks and move around a little extra; you’ll be glad that you did.

Should I Move to Alabama

I love Florida; The scenery, people, culture and even the air is simply mind blowing. I have been rooted here for years and have been toying with the idea of exploring Alabama for a long time now. I know it is a different lifestyle from what I’m used to, but I wasAlabama Logo convinced that Alabama is where I needed to be. As a matter of fact, I wanted to be rooted there for the rest of my life. What better way to get rooted to a place than purchasing a home there?

Over the years, just like anyone who has an American dream, I’ve worked hard enough and saved as much as I possibly could. All this geared towards becoming a homeowner. I was ecstatic about not dealing with my constantly agitated landlord ever again. I’ve been keenly looking at some property in Alabama over the past few months. Although just a few matched what I really wanted, I chose to keep an open mind through the process. The empty lots in strategic areas were overly tempting, but I hear a lot of people complain that the building process actually cost them more than what they expected. I was not in the mood for surprises so that tiny fact swung me over to the move in ready option.

Alabama Home Builders - Adams HomesThe stress of shopping around for a good home was getting to me, and all I wanted was an escape from it all. At least for a day or two. If you thought to organize your life to fit your new savings culture was difficult, try looking shopping around for a home.

Whenever I am faced with such difficult decisions, There’s only one thing that calms my nerves; hanging out with the boys. I believe that I’ve got some of the craziest friends in the world. Just a few drinks into the night I disclosed my misery in house hunting to the boys. I didn’t expect any solution from them, I just needed to get it off my chest. To my surprise, clueless Calvin came up with the best idea of all times. He told me that his neighbor recently bought a home in Alabama. In their farewell party, he remembered hearing the neighbors give a vote of thanks to a homebuilding company by the name Adams Homes. The neighbors seemed to go on and on about it and that’s how the name stuck to his head. For once, Calvin had a lifesaving clue; just when I needed it the most. I did not mind paying for his beers for the night after that. His clues come seldom.

Just like any other technology dependent individual out there, I performed a little research on one of the leading Alabama Home Builders, Adams Homes, when I got back to my apartment. They seemed like a well driven and focused company. I made a call and booked an appointment for the next day. I knew I was home from the very first moment that I walked through their doors. The customer service was out of this world good, but it was their packages and payment options that really won me over. Before I knew it, I was deep into a description of what exactly I was looking for in a home.

The agent at their offices wasn’t bored at all, or so I hope. She assured me that they could build one for me or better still find an already build home matching the description. She showed me a beautiful portfolio of built houses that were outstanding. Every one of them seemed better than the other. I was in utter Awe. Although a little bit higher than my price range, I was determined to dip a little deeper into my pockets just to get my name on one of those spectacular houses.

We scheduled a date for a viewing of the homes. When we drove up to this jaw-dropping perfect house, I almost shed a tear. She was so beautiful. When I walked in through her doors, I knew instantly that my search had come to an end. For the first time in my life, I was in love. True love. I did not even need to view the other rooms; I wanted my name written on her title deed to make her mine. That was three months ago. Nowadays, I look forward to getting home every day after work. I don’t think Adams Homes knows exactly much they did for me. I’d recommend them to anyone at any time. Their services are spectacular, homes are breathtaking, and the process is easy breezy.

My Experience at Hotel Boutique 18

I recently visited South Beach in Miami for a vacation and stayed at the Hotel Boutique 18. For starters, Miami Beach is a host of a lot of adventurous and fun-filled activity – from surfing, sunbathing, to enjoying warm Florida weather – and after a tiring exploration, you will certainly be looking for a peaceful place to rest at night.

I did find the hotel quite accessible. For international travelers, there is a nearby airport – the Miami International Airport – located only 14.5km away from the hotel. Lincoln Road is also only 0.6 km away. There was no problem booking a room at the facility for the adventurous three days I was to spend in Miami. You can easily do that on the hotels website.

Hotel Boutique 18 is only 300 m from the Jackie Gleason Theater of the Performing Arts. Therefore, you can choose to watch thrilling performances, just before going to bed. This makes the place a lovely location for those visiting Miami for vocational or holiday adventures, the night fun as well as relaxation. In addition to that, it is a perfect place for business travelers too: for your information, the Miami Beach Convention Center is about 500 meters away from this hotel. It is also a great place to enjoy your honeymoon for couples who recently tied the knot.

Although I did not bring my car, I did notice there is a private parking nearby the facility. Therefore, if you are from around the country and willing to avoid the hustle of using public transport, you can always consider bringing in your car. You do not even need to make a reservation – just pay $35 per day.

The rooms at Hotel Boutique 18 are extremely comfortable. I chose to stay in a King Studio. The room is basically air conditioned and smart in addition to having a private bathroom, free toiletries, and a hairdryer. Although the bulky furniture makes the rooms appear a bit smaller, there is plenty of shelves where visitors can put their belongings. You can also take advantage of the room heating facility during cold nights.

In regards to entertainment, there is a flat-screen TV in each room. My room had a sitting area, and so I spent a few hours relaxing before retiring to bed. There is even a coffee machine inside the room for making some coffee. I brought my laptop, so I enjoyed the free WiFi internet service.

Although I went there alone, the King Studio can accommodate two people. There are other options such as a one-bed room apartment that can accommodate a family since it has a standard occupancy of up to 4 people. The rooms are family friendly, and there is also a consideration for guests with special needs.

Being quite the shopper, the nearby Lincoln Road Mall did provide me with a clue of what Florida has to offer at best, from good souvenirs to great dishes in the restaurants. If you are a business guy, it is a place to take a client for lunch. The Art Deco district itself offers museums, architecture, and art galleries you can sample from. If you are a lover of western nightlife, then this is a great hotspot, and you can choose to dance the night off. I did notice that this hotel is a place at which you can run away from crowded hotel lobbies and a lack of privacy. You also avoid expensive fares since affordable cab services are available.

Before I made the booking, I was sure to understand their cancelation and prepayment policies and expect these to vary with the type of room. You check the specific conditions applying to a given room after entering the dates of stay at Hotel Boutique 18.

However, you need to check for the extra charges that apply for children depending on their age. For a child of under two years of age, you pay $25 per night in a crib while those aged below 12 years will be charged $25 per night for extra beds. If you are bringing in additional children older than 12 years or adults, you pay $25 per night for extra beds. Only one extra bed is allowed per room. Although you can bring a pet, you might be charged for it.

Bigger Place

When you are an avid shopper like I am, you have a lot of things. Most importantly, you care about this stuff that you earned your hard earned money on. I take good care of all of my belongings the same way anyone else would. I have a bookshelf filled with all of my books. My books are the most important thing to me out of all of my belongings. Everyone who knows me knows that no one else is allowed to take a book off the shelves or put one back on there. The reason for that is because no one else know where they are supposed to go and if I let them put it back then, my books will not be organized.

My Book CollectionWhen it come to my living arrangements, everything is tailored to revolve around my bookshelf. From the furniture setup to the place that I choose to live in. I’ve been living in my apartment for the last three years. This past year I bought more books than I did the last year. So now I have a lot of different books in my collection. The amount of books that I owned almost doubled in just one year! My bookshelf is starting to run out of space. I thought about getting a bigger bookshelf to accommodate for the extra book, but my apartment was way too small for a bigger bookshelf.

The Groves in PlantationThere was only one other option left for me. I had to find a new and bigger apartment. I shopped around for a few weeks, before I found the perfect place. The Groves, the setup was definitely designed for me, at least in my opinion. I met with the renters the next day after seeing the apartment. I wanted to make sure that I got it because apartments like that never stay on the market long in this part of town. After a week of waiting, I finally heard back from the renters. They went over my application, and I was relieved to see that they approved it, and I could move in whenever I was ready.

Now I was faced with an even bigger challenge. My car was nowhere near big enough to move all of my stuff. It wasn’t even big enough to fit all of my books, let alone my other belongings. I was starting to reconsider my move. I didn’t know anyone who I could trust to move all of my belongings. My books were the highest priority on my list. I called my friend Alain and asked if he could help me move. I figured he was the best person to ask since he had just moved and he feels the same way about his shoes.

That is when my friend Alain told me about a local moving company in Lauderhill called Top Notch Movers. He said he was facing the same problem that I was currently facing six months ago. He told me how the Top Notch Movers were the best apartment movers in the world. I was more calm about my books now that I heard about Top Notch Movers.

On the day of the move, I watched as the mover moved all of my books and everything else, and I was so glad that I went with them as my movers. The movers from Top Notch Movers moved everything exactly the way I wanted, and nothing was damaged during the move. They even helped me set up the new bookshelf in my new apartment. I couldn’t have done it without them.


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