I Think I Need a Bigger Place

Bigger Place

When you are an avid shopper like I am, you have a lot of things. Most importantly, you care about this stuff that you earned your hard earned money on. I take good care of all of my belongings the same way anyone else would. I have a bookshelf filled with all of my books. My books are the most important thing to me out of all of my belongings. Everyone who knows me knows that no one else is allowed to take a book off the shelves or put one back on there. The reason for that is because no one else know where they are supposed to go and if I let them put it back then, my books will not be organized.

My Book CollectionWhen it come to my living arrangements, everything is tailored to revolve around my bookshelf. From the furniture setup to the place that I choose to live in. I’ve been living in my apartment for the last three years. This past year I bought more books than I did the last year. So now I have a lot of different books in my collection. The amount of books that I owned almost doubled in just one year! My bookshelf is starting to run out of space. I thought about getting a bigger bookshelf to accommodate for the extra book, but my apartment was way too small for a bigger bookshelf.

The Groves in PlantationThere was only one other option left for me. I had to find a new and bigger apartment. I shopped around for a few weeks, before I found the perfect place. The Groves, the setup was definitely designed for me, at least in my opinion. I met with the renters the next day after seeing the apartment. I wanted to make sure that I got it because apartments like that never stay on the market long in this part of town. After a week of waiting, I finally heard back from the renters. They went over my application, and I was relieved to see that they approved it, and I could move in whenever I was ready.

Now I was faced with an even bigger challenge. My car was nowhere near big enough to move all of my stuff. It wasn’t even big enough to fit all of my books, let alone my other belongings. I was starting to reconsider my move. I didn’t know anyone who I could trust to move all of my belongings. My books were the highest priority on my list. I called my friend Alain and asked if he could help me move. I figured he was the best person to ask since he had just moved and he feels the same way about his shoes.

That is when my friend Alain told me about a local moving company in Lauderhill called Top Notch Movers. He said he was facing the same problem that I was currently facing six months ago. He told me how the Top Notch Movers were the best apartment movers in the world. I was more calm about my books now that I heard about Top Notch Movers.

On the day of the move, I watched as the mover moved all of my books and everything else, and I was so glad that I went with them as my movers. The movers from Top Notch Movers moved everything exactly the way I wanted, and nothing was damaged during the move. They even helped me set up the new bookshelf in my new apartment. I couldn’t have done it without them.