My Aunt’s New Garage Door

HollywoodLately, finding the right custom garage door services in Hollywood seemed to be all my aunt talked about. She couldn’t stop ranting about how her garage needed a facelift, or her desire to install new doors. The truth is she did need to refurbish her garage more so the doors as they had taken quite some beating. They looked aged and had lost their appeal; the gaps in-between the panels had become wider, and I couldn’t remember the number of times the door stopped midway. So being her favorite nephew (I think) she saw it fit to ask for my opinion about it.

The truth is finding quality a door for the garage in Hollywood, Florida isn’t that had. You can simply walk into any store and make a purchase. Alternatively, you can just go online and choose from the wide varieties being offered by different online stores. However, this time round my auntie didn’t just want any Custom Garage Doors from Uniquedoors but custom ones. They had to match her tastes and preferences (she is known to be a picky one), the design had to be just right for her garage, and most importantly, it had to enhance the beauty appeal of the surrounding. I mean, it wouldn’t be such a bad idea to have the most elegant door in the neighborhood, right?

The next few days were spent researching about custom garage doors, reviewing different firms in Hollywood, and comparing the prices in the market. We also had to seek opinions from family, relatives, as well as neighbors. Our search led to a firm known as Unique Garage Door Services. The firm, which is located in Hollywood, Florida was known for providing a variety of doors and had been in the trade for many years. After going to their website and contacting them, we agreed on the time, they would come to view the location, take measurements, and understand what my auntie’s needs and preferences were.

After agreeing on the terms and price, the garage door guys were at it. Ensuring the door came in the material that my aunt chose (in this case solid wood), the door fitted perfectly without any modifications, and it featured classic styling. I must say I was pretty impressed by the outcome. The door was not only elegant but also unique. You could easily tell it was different from the other garage doors in the neighborhood thanks to the solid and dark colors. Also, there was no other door within the vicinity that resembled my aunt’s door. This, of course, made her the talk of the neighborhood making her quite pride.

I also loved the way the garage door augmented the surrounding. Yes, she really takes care of her yard. She has flowers planted all-round, the paving is well-kept, and she never lets dust, dirt, or any other debris stick around for too long. But after installing the new and customized garage door, the whole house and surrounding sort of become alive again. It boosted the curb appeal, and the property looked more stylish and valuable. What’s more, it really was an expression of her personality. She is a laidback person who loves being conservative; this was trait was well-represented thanks to the rustic appeal that comes from the dark wood.

Final Garage DoorWhat I came to learn when searching for garage door services in Hollywood was that custom doors are more long-lasting that ordinary or mass-produced doors. This was evident during the installation. Firstly, my aunt got to choose the kind of material that was to be used. We all know the strength of genuine hardwood. Secondly, employees from Unique Garage Door Services choose a type that is suited for the weather and climate in Florida. Thirdly, the end product was a perfect fit, no need to modify or adjust the frames. The company also had the courtesy to verify that the existing structure could indeed support the new door.

In addition to improving the aesthetic appeal at her home, and getting what she desired, the value of the property without-a-doubt went up. She, of course, is still receiving pats on her back for making the right choice and a good job. All that I can say is that thanks to Unique Garage Door Services, my aunt received the right custom garage door services in Hollywood, Florida.