My Experience in Ordering Fundraising T-Shirts

My brother’s softball team has been working so hard for so long to go places. The kids on that team have been working so hard but running a softball team clearly is not cheap. There’s a need for organizations like his to raise funds as a means of making it easier for them to run properly. You’ve got to get equipment, uniforms and even cover the costs associated with traveling from one spot to the next for tournaments and games. You can’t go anywhere if you don’t have to funds.

With that in mind, the team needed some funds to ensure the team could stay afloat and would not wear out. I checked out Charitees to see what the website had to offer as a means of raising funds and I was more than pleasantly surprised at what the site had to offer.

The concept was to sell these shirts to people and use the funds raised to keep the team afloat. It proved to be a rather easy to handle venture that helped me get the money that my brother needed to keep the team going.

Comparing Shirts

Comparing ShirtsA great part of ordering from Charitees is that the website made it easy for me to compare different shirt options. I was given some options for shirts, and I even got to choose from different manufacturers like Russell Athletic, Gildan, and New Balance.

I enjoyed looking around to see some of the different options that were around, and I particularly liked how the shirts were organized with various styles for me to choose from. I found different choices with varying sleeve lengths and numerous neck styles. It was great to see that most of these were available in unisex styles to make it easier for me to find options that fit in well.

Designing the Shirt

Designing a Shirt with ChariteesI was able to order a shirt by submitting the proper design that I wanted to use. This was easy for me to prepare and use. I sent in my shirt design, and I gave the site information on the number of shirts that I wanted to the site by email. This allows them to draft previews that I could use.

I was able to specify the colors and shirt styles that I wanted to use and the number of shirts that I wanted based on the sizes that were available. It was easy for me to find good choices that were suitable and great to have but I needed to make sure I could send enough details on what I could get out of my order. Fortunately, Charitees was responsive and ensured that they were accurate and correct to my order.

Payments Were Easy

Pay Now-Logo-336x280I was able to quickly make payments for the shirts. I was able to go online and get into my account with the site to make those payments. The schedule that they set up went for a few weeks and was very easy for me to work with. This, in turn, ensured that I was able to get things to work well and carefully.

Getting the Shirts

The amazing thing about the shirts is that they were just as we had expected. The designs were printed well onto each one, and it was easy for them to fit just fine. We got the right colors and sizes, and the style was perfect as well. This helped us to get prices set up so it would be easier for us to sell these and get a good profit.

We were able to sell the shirts, and we got plenty of money off of them. We were able to get some profits thanks to how we priced them sensibly and accordingly based on what we paid for them. The profits were enough to keep the team running and to afford the travel costs associated with going a few hours down the road for a big tournament later in the year.

Charitees LogoOverall, I was very pleased with the Charitees experience. It helped me to get the shirts that we needed so we could run the team and keep it moving for as long as possible. We’re especially thrilled with how well the shirts were made and how they were designed and how people loved wearing them so much.