My First Time Visiting A Chiropractor

My First Time Visiting a Chiropractor

Why Pay a Visit to the Chiropractor?

If you know your body well enough, then you can tell when something is not right. The pain that I had initially ignored, thinking it was nothing, was beginning to concern me. I needed relief, so I sought the help of a Chiropractor in Tamarac. Before I go any further about my experience, I should tell you, don’t be like me – keeping it off, find help immediately. A healthy spine is a big component of being healthy.

Imagine that unexciting ache in your lower back – perhaps due to a prior injury or accident or some other cause it can easily render you unable to focus on your business or work – and that’s why I took mine to a trained Chiropractor in Tamarac – to get fixed.

The Appointment

Back to Mind were quick to schedule my appointment, which was cool. I must be honest here and say that I was not particularly excited because, in the course of trying to fish for information from friends, I had heard that it could be very painful. As if sensing my uneasiness, this doctor came through the door with jokes. Laughter is good medicine. It is no wonder I relaxed right away.

Set Your AppointmentFirst of all, as is with any initial visit to a doctor, I was required to complete forms with my personal details and medical background. This paved the way for several essential tests that would reveal the way my body worked. This assessment comprised of exercises like bending over to touch my toes, movement of limbs and body parts in opposition to applied force, balancing on one foot, and so on. Now this was interesting, seeing as avid shoppers like I am, are able to move around quite well. To say the least, I passed!

These muscle tests were followed by the doctor taking a couple of front and side x-rays of my backbone. He confirmed that I am in overall good shape (which is nice to hear). However, the x-rays showed that my lower back muscles were tense plus some spinal bones needed repositioning; this explained the back pain I was experiencing. Did I get that from moving furniture in my new place? Maybe.

What was exciting was that their chiropractic services could alleviate my pain! A massage therapy would treat the tense muscles while manual manipulation of my spinal bones would correct the positioning and alignment of my vertebral bones.

The Aligning

The AligningSince my pain was muscle related, they used EMS (Electrical Muscle Stimulation) on me. This Interferential Therapy delivers currents to deep tissues and is great for tight, sore or spastic muscles. I was informed that this treatment is also employed for the prevention or reduction of muscle atrophy, by promoting muscle strength, range of motion, and blood flow to the muscles.

I was in an extremely relaxed state as this info was being dished out. The massage was awesome! I was surprised that after removing the ‘gadgets’, he manually adjusted my back, popping it back into shape! Twice on either side, twice in my neck and both legs. All I needed to get fixed were eight adjustments. Did it hurt? No, not with my Back to Mind Chiropractor in Tamarac. The sound heard from my bones was a little perplexing, though – and if you were in the room you’d expect me to wince, but it was all painless. Zero pain in any doctor’s hands is always a pleasant experience for me.

The Advice

After the alignments, I felt excellent and inquired about what his advice would be for one to ensure that their spine remains healthy and well protected. This is what he suggested:Advice from My Tamarac Chiropractor

  1. Avoid sitting for very long hours. Moving or walking around every half-hour to hourly helps prevent disc compression.
  2. Go for half hour walks every day.
  3. Engage in exercises that promote core muscle strengthening.

By and large, this is what I already do, but obviously, there’s need to increase and be disciplined about it.

Interestingly, it took me a visit to the chiropractor to hear this: “You only get one body and one spine; neither functions well without the other – take great care of both.”

So be sure to take breaks and move around a little extra; you’ll be glad that you did.