Should I Move to Alabama?

Should I Move to Alabama

I love Florida; The scenery, people, culture and even the air is simply mind blowing. I have been rooted here for years and have been toying with the idea of exploring Alabama for a long time now. I know it is a different lifestyle from what I’m used to, but I wasAlabama Logo convinced that Alabama is where I needed to be. As a matter of fact, I wanted to be rooted there for the rest of my life. What better way to get rooted to a place than purchasing a home there?

Over the years, just like anyone who has an American dream, I’ve worked hard enough and saved as much as I possibly could. All this geared towards becoming a homeowner. I was ecstatic about not dealing with my constantly agitated landlord ever again. I’ve been keenly looking at some property in Alabama over the past few months. Although just a few matched what I really wanted, I chose to keep an open mind through the process. The empty lots in strategic areas were overly tempting, but I hear a lot of people complain that the building process actually cost them more than what they expected. I was not in the mood for surprises so that tiny fact swung me over to the move in ready option.

Alabama Home Builders - Adams HomesThe stress of shopping around for a good home was getting to me, and all I wanted was an escape from it all. At least for a day or two. If you thought to organize your life to fit your new savings culture was difficult, try looking shopping around for a home.

Whenever I am faced with such difficult decisions, There’s only one thing that calms my nerves; hanging out with the boys. I believe that I’ve got some of the craziest friends in the world. Just a few drinks into the night I disclosed my misery in house hunting to the boys. I didn’t expect any solution from them, I just needed to get it off my chest. To my surprise, clueless Calvin came up with the best idea of all times. He told me that his neighbor recently bought a home in Alabama. In their farewell party, he remembered hearing the neighbors give a vote of thanks to a homebuilding company by the name Adams Homes. The neighbors seemed to go on and on about it and that’s how the name stuck to his head. For once, Calvin had a lifesaving clue; just when I needed it the most. I did not mind paying for his beers for the night after that. His clues come seldom.

Just like any other technology dependent individual out there, I performed a little research on one of the leading Alabama Home Builders, Adams Homes, when I got back to my apartment. They seemed like a well driven and focused company. I made a call and booked an appointment for the next day. I knew I was home from the very first moment that I walked through their doors. The customer service was out of this world good, but it was their packages and payment options that really won me over. Before I knew it, I was deep into a description of what exactly I was looking for in a home.

The agent at their offices wasn’t bored at all, or so I hope. She assured me that they could build one for me or better still find an already build home matching the description. She showed me a beautiful portfolio of built houses that were outstanding. Every one of them seemed better than the other. I was in utter Awe. Although a little bit higher than my price range, I was determined to dip a little deeper into my pockets just to get my name on one of those spectacular houses.

We scheduled a date for a viewing of the homes. When we drove up to this jaw-dropping perfect house, I almost shed a tear. She was so beautiful. When I walked in through her doors, I knew instantly that my search had come to an end. For the first time in my life, I was in love. True love. I did not even need to view the other rooms; I wanted my name written on her title deed to make her mine. That was three months ago. Nowadays, I look forward to getting home every day after work. I don’t think Adams Homes knows exactly much they did for me. I’d recommend them to anyone at any time. Their services are spectacular, homes are breathtaking, and the process is easy breezy.