The TLC Experience

The TLC Experience

Pet Boarding in DavieIt was time to plan my annual family vacation. The problem, this time, was that I was not at all interested in going. I had adopted a small bundle of joy a few months back. I had named him Mr. Cuddles. When I got Mr. Cuddles, he was a wreck of a dog. His fur was matted and dirty, his eyes were filthy and yet underneath all that mess, was a dog who tried to lick my hand and be my friend.

Bringing Mr. Cuddles home was the best decision I had ever made. A little grooming and a lot of love brought out a vibrant personality. He molded himself to fit my routine and even slept next to me at night. Unfortunately, I had not given much thought to the future.

My current dilemma was, where would I keep Mr. Cuddles while I was out of town? I had initially thought that I would ask a friend to drop in and feed him. The thought of Mr. Cuddles being alone for over a week made me shudder. My next option was to ask if any of my friends would be so kind as to keep him in their house. Again, I drew a blank. Almost everyone was going out for a holiday and those who weren’t, were scared of dogs. Just my luck!

It took a while, but my luck changed as it is so often known to do. I bumped into my friend John when I was buying my Sunday newspaper. I landed up telling him my grievances. John just laughed and patted me on the back. He said that the answer was obviously to put Mr. Cuddles in a boarding facility. I cringed as I imagined cages and bars. I shrank away from the idea immediately.

Mr Cuddles at TLC Pet BoardingJohn, however, went on to tell me about TLC Pet Boarding. It was a place that boards dogs and offers them the same comforts that we provide them at home. I was intrigued. Needless to say, my next stop was my computer. The website seemed welcoming enough. In fact, TLC Pet Boarding it promised a safe and secure boarding facility without cages. I made a quick stop to check and see how the place looked for myself. I have to say that I was impressed. They even offered climate controlled facilities for the dogs to sleep and eat. I checked the feeding area for myself and was satisfied to see that it was clean and spotless. Satisfied, I returned home.

A few weeks later, I dropped off Mr. Cuddles at TLC Pet Boarding. The experience that both Mr. Cuddles and I had was fabulous. TLC Pet Boarding kept me updated on Mr. Cuddles’ progress and even sent me complimentary texts, pictures and videos. It helped me relax and know that he was in safe hands.

I had initially been worried about Mr. Cuddles’ food. He has a very sensitive stomach, and I regulate his diet so that he doesn’t have any tummy upset. TLC Pet Boarding, however, assured me that they would ensure that they provided him the same food. I packed small packets of food according to his daily requirements, and they took it from there. They even provided him with bottled water. When I saw that, I knew that Mr. Cuddles was going to have the time of his life.

When I returned, I could see that Mr. Cuddles had had a good time too. He had made some new friends. The exercise that he got had done him good. The best part about TLC Pet boarding was that they followed my routine. That meant that it was easier for Mr. Cuddles to adjust.

I had wanted to get him groomed before I collected him. Luckily for me, I had made an appointment in advance. Their grooming facilities are very popular, and the wait can be quite a while. The grooming session definitely surpassed expectations. At the end of it, Mr. Cuddles had a bounce in his step and a gorgeous new look.

Would I suggest that others try TLC Pet boarding? Of course, I would! I would, in fact, say that it is the best boarding facility in town. Not only do they provide a safe and secure home for your pet while you are away, but they also treat your pet like he/she is on a luxury vacation. A part of me feels a little jealous of Mr. Cuddles. I sometimes think that he had a better vacation than I did!